30 days, 30 challenges

Apparently it takes 30 days to form a new habit, so here at R&I we’ve decided to share something which could give you some new, but wholly beneficial habits!

The following is a list of 30 Challenges; the idea is to pick a manageable selection (say two to five) from the list and apply them over the next 30 days. At the end of the 30 days you can pick some more and apply these for another 30 days, and so on.

You will find that, even after a month, you can feel the change for the better that your new ‘habits’ have made in your life. Each of the items on this list is aimed at promoting personal growth and positivity; some are hard; some are simple; some are daunting and some are even a little scary; but all are worth at least attempting for the minimum of 30 days.


Here is the list… Good Luck!


1. Use words which encourage happiness and avoid negative language or phrases

2. Try something new every day- first time experiences are powerful and fulfilling

3. Perform one selfless act every day, after all helping others is helping ourselves to feel good

4. Learn and practice one new skill every day- the Jack of all Trades is actually a master of life!

5. Teach someone something new every day- sharing your expertise could really benefit somebody

6. For an hour a day take part in something you are passionate about, whether it’s a hobby or cause

7. Treat everyone nicely, even the rude people! Geniality begets geniality

8. Be consistently positive by embracing optimism rather than pessimism in everything, every day

9. Accept inconveniences and mistakes as lessons in life and move on positively

10. Take a little time every day to live in the now. Focus on being rather than just doing!

11. Get rid of one unnecessary item every day; de-cluttering is good for the soul

12. Create something brand new (this may be related to a hobby or a passion)

13. Be completely honest with yourself and others; no ‘little white lies’ or self-deception

14. Get up 30 minutes earlier each morning- less rushing around means less stress!

15. Ditch three bad habits- the microwave meals, the late night computer games etc, cut them out

16. Restrict yourself to 30 mins or less of ‘screen time’ (TV/laptop etc) at home; go out instead

17. Define a long term goal and then dedicate an hour a day to working towards it

18. Read one chapter per day of a good book which encourages/teaches personal growth

19. Start each day by watching or reading an inspiring/motivating video or book over breakfast

20. Give yourself a laugh every day- a funny clip, a comic- stimulate your mind with laughter

21. Go alcohol free for a month (though if you drink heavily we don’t advise going ‘cold turkey’)

22. Exercise for 30 mins every day, remember- ‘Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well’

23. Face your fear every day- confronting a fear will diminish it until it is no longer there!

24. Cook a different, healthy meal from scratch every day

25. Take 10 mins every evening before bed to make positive reflections on your day

26. Talk to someone you rarely, or wouldn’t usually, speak to- learn more about them

27. Pay off the credit card and then lock it away; live well within your means for a month

28. Let go of people who cause you pain- make room for new and positive relationships

29. Publicly forgive someone who deserves a second chance and start a new chapter with them

30. Document each day with a photo and a paragraph of stand-out moments and review it nightly

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