BioEnergiser CLASSIC D-Tox Spa System

The relaxing 30 minute treatment involves placing your feet into a spa bowl filled with warm salted water. An energising cartridge creates a flow of electrons and a bioenergetic field that provides a relaxing and enjoyable treatment. The feet have an amazing 2000 pores in each foot and therefore offer one of the best points to administer the treatment which is both efficient and convenient.

The Bio Energiser rebalances and harmonises by sending signals up through the lymph glands to stimulate the detox process. The Bio Energiser is used in hospitals around the world for hypo hydrosis (sweaty hands and feet) cases. In addition, it also helps to cure the symptoms of athletes foot. Modern lifestyle takes its toll on your body more than you realise. This becomes particularly apparent when examining the balance of bio-energy in your body’s cells.

When your cells are functioning correctly they allow vital nutrients to be absorbed into your body, which in turn results in the elimination of unwanted toxins.

Our cells bio-energy can become unbalanced by:

  • Poor diet: food additives, processed foods etc.
  • A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Little or no regular exercise
  • Drugs and anaesthetics
  • Illness and disease
  • Stress and worry
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

Any of these can cause poor nutritional absorption which will, in turn, stop the cells from functioning correctly resulting in the inability to rid the body of unwanted toxins. Excessive toxins have many adverse effects on the body, which can include:

  • Bad skin, blemished or congested
  • Colds, flu and sinus problems
  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Breath and body odour

30 minute treatments available by appointment

Call 020 252 1010 to book an appointment, you will be amazed and it’s only  £20 A course of Bio-Energiser D-tox Spa treatments can help re-balance your body, therefore  aiding health and an overall feeling of well-being. To book your appointment, call us on: 0208 252 1010  or 0208 262 3140

Please see below our Bio-Energiser Assistant

Wendy Plumb

Hi my name is Wendy Plumb and i will be here to help you with any questions you may have and advise you on wellness to the best of my ability.

I look forward to meeting you and together with the team helping you to reach and maintain your optimum state of health.

Please see our Bio-Energiser Success Stories
The Detox Spa is one more experience i had at Romford & Ilford Family Chiropractic Clinic. The relaying treatment makes me feel great and re-balencing my body each time i visit Wendy. It is a very enjoyable treatment as well. A few days  ago i had colds and flu symptoms and only D-tox

Bio-Energiser helped me to eliminate all of the  bad symptoms. Thanks to Wendy and the rest of the team for looking after me and my family members too.
Virginia.   Star Rating:5/5

I had a detox foot spa early one morning. That day i managed to keep to drinking water only for the rest of the day. I was really surprised as that night i happened to have the best nights sleep i’ve had in a long time. Normally i would wake up few hours earlier but i managed to stay in bed asleep longer. I also found the Bio-Energiser very relaxing as well.
Ros Smith.  Star Rating: 5/5

I had a detox foot spa with Wendy today and “oh my” i was horrified when i saw the water changing colour, it was amazing what toxins your body holds, I have booked another treatment and will book a course of treatment . In Garna we detox once per month so i am so very pleased after so long i have found someone who can advise me on detoxing and who spends time explaining the whole procedure, also all the other forms of detoxifying that i can do at home. I believe that if the body does not detox regularly it does not respond properly to any diet, nutrition or exercise regime, it will not help the person if he or she is holding onto lots of bad toxins, my mother was 100 in march and strongly believes in detox on a regular basis, ie all her life.. I must say that there is no price on Health and i will be visiting on a regular basis and bringing my family to the detox evening with Wendy in November.

Anonymous Star Rating: 5/5