Fish oils protect the brain from the damaging effects of a junk-food diet

Worried about your kids eating junk food?  Giving them omega-3 fish oil supplements could help protect their growing brains, a new study has discovered. The supplements appear to protect the brain from inflammatory processes that are triggered by a high-fat and junk-food diet.  In fact, the supplements help restore normal brain functioning, say researchers from […]

Statin patients should supplement with coenzyme Q10

People taking a cholesterol-lowering statin should consider supplementing with coenzyme Q10 in order to reduce the drugs’ risk of causing diabetes, researchers say. Statins increase the risk of type II diabetes by nine per cent, and researchers from Oregon State University suspect this is because the drugs alter a protein that helps control blood sugar […]

The oil that tricks the body into feeling full


The weight-loss gurus talk about the importance of feeling full so that we don’t over-eat—and there’s a very simple way you can trick your body, researchers have found. Adding olive oil to the meal, or taking it as a side-dish when you eat, gives the body a sense of feeling full, researchers from Munich University […]

High-fat dairy diet helps breast cancer grow

A high-fat diet from dairy products encourages the development of breast cancer.   Women who continue eating dairy after their cancer has been diagnosed are 64 per cent more likely to die than women who cut the food out of their diet. One serving or more a day of a high-fat dairy product, such as cheese, […]

Industrial chemicals contaminate pre-packed foods and drinks


Forget horse meat—the real scandal about the food we buy is the industrial chemicals that contaminate processed meals and drinks, such as pizza, packaged meats and drinks, say researchers this week. Phthalates, industrial chemicals that interfere with the reproductive processes, are commonly found in processed foods and drinks.  Researchers at the University of Texas found […]