Chiropractic is attractive because it can help anyone regards of age.

Look up the word help and you’re likely to see terms such as assist, comfort and support. Chiropractic care helps people who have assumed a defensive posture we call subluxation in an attempt to accommodate physical, emotional or chemical stress. That’s no guarantee of cure since countless other factors can impair the healing response. However, all things being equal, if the stressor is no longer present, people tend to function better without subluxations than with subluxations.

Naturally, anyone who expects to benefit from chiropractic care must meet one important condition: they must be alive. Granted, this is the same criteria that medical interventions require, however the important distinction afforded chiropractic is that it focuses on the person with the condition, not the condition in the person.

Which allows chiropractic care to be dynamically tailored and appropriate regardless of age.

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