Chiropractic is attractive because it doesn’t require a prescription.

You might want to ask patients why they think some drugs require a prescription and others don’t. It’s probably something they’ve never given much thought about.

“Because some drugs are dangerous?” they might eventually volunteer.

“That’s correct. Chiropractic is so safe, it doesn’t require a prescription or a warning label.”

Most patients are familiar with the “Rx” symbol for a prescription. The letter “R” is from the Latin meaning ‘recipe’ and the “x” on the tail is said to be from the astrological sign for Jupiter. Preceding a formula with the sign of Jupiter was thought to assure a favorable result. Moreover, according to astrologers, the period during the ascendancy of the planet Jupiter was thought to be a good time to gather herbs and concoct medicines. Huh?

Kind of takes some of the patina off the so-called “science” of pharmacology.

Source: Monday Morning Motivation. Bill esteb


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