Chiropractic is similar to dentistry

Many dentists see patients in a crisis, such as if they are experiencing toothache, which is most probably caused due to irregular cleaning, eating too much sugary food, drinking too many acidic drinks combined with not visiting the dentist regularly to get their teeth checked. Dentists will also see patients when their teeth are healthy and they don’t have toothache or pain, in order to maintain their teeth to prevent toothache from returning.

Chiropractors are the same; they will see patients when they are in a crisis, such as when they are experiencing back or neck pain for example, and they will see patients once they are no longer in pain in order to prevent pain from returning. Pain can result if your spine is not properly looked after, which includes having your spine checked by a fully-qualified chiropractor and having regular adjustments. To stay pain-free, receiving regular chiropractic care can also help, as regular adjustments help to keep you moving freely while enhancing the potential of your nervous system and hence overall health and well-being.

Remember – your teeth can be replaced at an expense, but your spine cannot!

Reference: United Chiropractic Association (UCA)

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