Corporate Businesses

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We, at Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic understand the huge mental and physical stress that employees and employers face on a daily basis.
Back pain, neck pain, headaches to name but a few results in huge amounts of absenteeism in the work place, the cost to the company from staff unable to work is huge!
Our aim is to work alongside your company to reduce absenteeism, improve staff productivity and educate on reaching and maintaining their optimum state of health.
Please contact us to discuss your individual workplace requirements or have a look at the following services we provide as listed below.

Stage 1: Health Talk:
A member of our team will come to your workplace, Introduce chiropractic to you and your employees and incorporate a short screening and postural picture. This is to give our chiropractor and yourself a visual of the areas of concern.

Stage 2: Appointment at Centre:
This can be individual or group appointments at a discounted rate where upon if X-Rays are needed they can be undertaken on the day together with full functional consultation/assessment

Stage 3: Discussion of Treatment Plans:
We will return to your place of work with a full account of assessed employees, treatment plans and discounts available as a corporate business.
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