Diet drinks increase risk of stroke and heart attack

People who drink a diet soda drink every day are far more likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack, a new study has found.

The drinks, which often include artificial sweeteners, increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack by 43 per cent in those who drink them every day, compared to someone who never drinks them. The threat is in the frequency, say researchers from the University of Miami. People who drink a diet soda or cola occasionally – such as once a month – were unlikely to see their risk increase. Only those who drank at least six diet drinks a week were at risk.

The results were based on an analysis of 2,564 participants in the Northern Manhattan Study, which is assessing the risks for stroke over a 10-year period.

1 February 2012
Reference: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2012; doi: 10.1007/s11606-011-1968-2


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