Fish oils reverse adolescents’ learning problems and mental illness

Omega-3 fish oils are doing what drugs can’t for adolescents – they’re helping them overcome serious mental problems such as learning difficulties, forgetfulness, hearing voices and withdrawal.

A recent study involving around 300 adolescents with mental problems are showing “substantial improvements” after taking fish oil supplements.  Around one in 10 children suffers from a serious mental illness, and the ratio is higher in adolescents aged 12 years and older.

This study has been so successful that researchers from the Recognition and Prevention (RAP) programme are extending it to treat adolescents and young adults aged up to 25 years with psychiatric problems. The researchers say that omega-3 supplements are already a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for the treatment of childhood mental problems.

At Romford & Ilford Family Chiropractic, we strongly recommend taking omega-3 fish oils on a daily basis. Omega-3 greatly enhances ones response to chiropractic care through helping to optimise the nervous system, by having an anti-inflammatory effect that can reduce joint tenderness and pain intensity, and by improving the immune system. Moreover, omega-3 offers a vast list of benefits that speak volumes by themselves. In addition to the above, this list includes reducing the incidence of heart disease; reducing risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke; supporting mental focus and long-term cognitive function; promoting eye health; supporting infant brain and eye development, and lowering the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer.

There are many omega-3 supplements on the market, however it is important to take one that is of high quality. In our opinion, Eskimo omega-3 fish oil is a great product – please ask at reception to purchase this supplement or to ask for further information about it.

Reference: What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You (WDDTY)


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