Flu shot doesn’t work, but the government still offers it to the over-65s

The over-65s are being targeted once again to have their annual flu jab—but nobody is telling them it doesn’t actually work, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) says this week.
The vaccines are only marginally more effective than a placebo, or sugar pill, and there’s no evidence they prevent complications or the spread of the virus.
The Cochrane Collaboration, which is the most independent authority on evidence-based medicine, first reached its conclusions about the ineffectiveness of the annual flu jab two years ago but their conclusions have been ignored by the UK’s government and Department of Health.
Trials on the vaccines have found them to be safe and effective—but the Cochrane researchers discovered that most of the studies had been paid for by the vaccines’ manufacturers, and there had been “widespread manipulation” of the conclusions.
The UK government is also introducing a new nasal flu vaccine for children after they were told it could reduce infection by 40 per cent.  But the World health organization says it cannot find much evidence to support the claim. (Source: ANH website).

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