Government Warned of Drug Failures

A group of clinicians and scientists have written to the Government expressing concern about the escalating problems of drug failures and adverse drug reactions.

They claim adverse drug reactions have reached “epidemic proportions” amid rising costs in prescriptions, with around 197,000 EU citizens dying every year due to the problem.

The letter, published in medical journal The Lancet, says the reliance of testing new drugs on animals before humans is partly to blame. The experts have called for the use of more human-biology-based experiments where chemicals are tested on human cells to see how people might be affected by new treatment. In the letter, they also say the cost of new medicine is rising “unsustainably, creating an ever-increasing burden on the National Health Service.”

Meanwhile, increasingly prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many cancers, remain without adequate treatment.

Reference: Press Association (Fri, 3 June 2011).

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