iEat Workshops

The iEat workshop series addresses the most crucial things you need to know about nutrition, sufficiency and purity, deficiency and toxicity and the leading strategies to lose weight, have greater energy, improved concentration and increased overall health and vitality.  There are 16 different edible workshop titles to digest in total.

  • The Fundamentals of Achieving Optimal Health – Discover the building blocks for living pain free and well, for life.
  • The 3 Causes of Disease.
  • The Crucial Ingredients For Optimal Health – Learn what is necessary to understand what optimal health feels like.
  • The 3 Keys to Producing Health Miracles.
  • Rocket Fuel Nutrition Part 1 – Optimal digestion for Optimal Health.
  • Rocket Fuel Nutrition Part 2 – Revealing the Raw truth about food.  Understanding the facts about Junk food vs Drug food vs Real food!
  • Rocket Fuel Nutrition Part 3 – Revealing the ‘golden rule’ for optimal brain and overall health.
  • Rocket Fuel Nutrition Part 4 – What to keep and what to get rid of for optimal pH!  Mastering Acid vs Alkali.
  • Your Health Under a Microscope – Your blood system is your nutrition motorway.  What does your blood really look like?
  • Body pH Balance – What should yours be & how can you achieve it?
  • Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis – prevention & cure.
  • The 3 Worst Foods to Eat and Why?
  • The Killer Food for the 21st Century – for every parent!… and every one!
  • High performance Nutrition for the Athlete.
  • Body Chemistry – Discover How Your Body Chemistry Balance is Crucial For Your Existance.
  • Advanced Nutrition Conditioning Workshop.