Spinal Traction

Spinal traction using bath and hand towels

Spinal traction using wedges

Cervical HomeTrac

The HomeTrac offers users a highly effective home traction device for use in the supine position (laid down, face up). It works simply by placing it on a mat or carpeted surface and is portable enough to allow sufferers to treat their pain anywhere, anytime. Although home traction is not a new concept, a number of sufferers have found the HomeTrac far more effective and comfortable than more traditional head alter units.

HomeTrac Features:  

  • Push-button pump allows immediate pressure relief during treatment
  • Most users can position themselves in the device without assistance
  • Friction-free track and specially designed air cylinder allow smooth application of traction and stretching to the upper back and neck
  • Pressure valve limits the amount of force that can be developed

Abnormal and normal Neck Curves