Stop Slouching!

Next week is Spinal Awareness Week 2014, an initiative by the United Chiropractic Association to help educate us all about the importance of spinal health. This year the emphasis is on posture and educating us all on why we really should ‘stop slouching’.


We high-lighted the effects mobile devices have on our posture in our last blog post, though there are others: carrying heavy bags, wearing high heels or inappropriate footwear, long periods of driving, hunching at desks, lack of exercise… our modern lives are full of stresses that our bodies have not naturally evolved to cope with, leading to the development of poor posture.


The fact is, if poor posture goes uncorrected, we all put ourselves at a much higher risk of ill health now or in later life. There are studies which suggest a link between a slouched posture in older people with hyperkyphosis, which is associated with pulmonary disease and cardiovascular problems. Did reading that make you sit up a little straighter? It is amazing how many of us simply aren’t aware that we are slouching during modern everyday activities such as sitting at a computer.


To quote the UCA “Your posture is like a window into your health”. If you have poor posture it indicates that your spine could be misaligned, disrupting the signals of your central nervous system and impairing normal bodily functions.


We have an analogy here at R&I to explain this:


Your fuse box is the source of power for your entire house; if the lights in your house go out it is the first place you check for a fault. Think of your spine as the fuse box for your body- the nerves which run up and down it are like the wires in your house. If there is a fault in your nerves, just as with the wires in your house, things will not work properly.


So it’s pretty clear that maintaining good posture is just as important to our health as eating the right foods, getting the right amount of exercise, not drinking too much alcohol and having our 8 hours of sleep every night. The tricky part is actually spotting the poor posture in ourselves and the conditions that may be encouraging it. That is where Chiropractic comes in: Chiropractors are trained to assess your posture and, if necessary, help you to correct it through treatment and self-help techniques. An appointment with a Chiropractor could help us all beat the slouch and hold our heads higher for a healthier life*



*If you are concerned about your posture you need to be checked by a qualified Chiropractor. Here at Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic we are doing our bit for Spinal Awareness Week and are offering a free posture assessment for you, your family or friends.


Get involved, give us a call today.


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