Sunshine does halve diabetes risk (sorry, doc)

Doctors have been calling WDDTY irresponsible for suggesting that sunshine can help the diabetes patient—but now researchers have proved it.  Half of all cases of type 1 diabetes, the form where the sufferer has to inject insulin just to stay alive, could be avoided if people had adequate levels of vitamin D, which we mainly get from sunshine.
Harvard researchers have discovered that people with the highest levels of the vitamin in their blood were only half as likely to develop type 1 diabetes as people with the lowest levels.
Although we can get vitamin D from fish and dairy products, the richest source is sunlight.  “It is surprising that a serious disease such as type 1 diabetes could perhaps be prevented by a simple and safe intervention,” said lead researcher Kassandra Munger at the Harvard School of Public Health.
(Source: American Journal of Epidemiology, 2013; published online, February 3).


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