Vitamin D…more than a ray of sunshine

Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is a sizzlingly hot topic that receives a wide range of scientific and media attention.

Over recent years it has been the subject of countless studies linking its relevance to a healthy immune system and its ability to support a vast array of conditions including asthma, heart disease, depression, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Our primary source of this amazing nutrient is the sun’s UVB rays, which the human body converts into vitamin D in the skin. It is important to understand however that vitamin D is only produced on the trunk of the body – this means that to reap its rewards you need to expose your body from your neck down to your waist to sunlight.

During winter months when quantity and quality of sunlight is lacking, or if you are unable to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day in sunlight at any time during the year, we recommend taking 1000 mg Nutri vitamin D3 drops – one of the best quality vitamin D supplements on the market. Please contact reception for more information or to purchase this product.

Reference: United Chiropractic Association (UCA)


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