What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a professional healthcare discipline that focuses on the ‘hub’ of the human body- the brain and spine. Your central nervous system- the part of your body which communicates with all your organs and limbs- is located between the brain and spine.

Consider the relationship between a keyboard and computer: whatever is input into the keyboard is relayed to the computer and there is an outcome. If we need to correct something on the computer, we simply need to press the right buttons.

The same could be said in chiropractic, where the spine is the keyboard and the computer is your brain, with the outcome being the relief of back pain or discomfort. And not only that; just like a computer can malfunction if the incorrect information is passed through to it, chiropractic reduces the stress on your brain by ensuring all your neural pathways are communicating effectively.

So not only does treatment prevent or relieve pain, it also both normalises and maximises brain function!

How does a chiropractor relieve pain?

A Chiropractor is trained to examine posture and identify misalignments of the vertebrae (think of them as the keys of the keyboard) which cause a disruption in the communication between your nervous system and brain, resulting in pain and undue stress on the brain.

The chiropractor corrects these misalignments through gentle manipulation- applying a precise force with their hands to free the ‘stuck’ spinal joints. This effectively unblocks the neural pathways between spine and brain, restoring your nervous system to optimal health and allowing your body to adapt and heal.

Most importantly, Chiropractic supports the recuperative power of the body to heal itself naturally and efficiently- without the use of drugs.

Regular chiropractic maintenance is crucial to spine and brain health

It’s not just accidents or injuries that can cause disruptions to your spine and brain health.

Our lives are full of disruptive elements including the physical, emotional and chemical: sitting at a desk all day, the stress of managing our day-to-day lives and exposure to air pollutants, cosmetics and food additives- all these things can lead to a poor ‘defensive’ posture which is effectively a ticking time bomb of back pain and reduced brain function.

Frequent treatments by a Chiropractor are vital to maintain your overall health and well-being and to prevent pain, as well as treat it.

If you are concerned about your spine and brain health, contact Romford & Ilford Family Chiropractic for a posture check-up.