Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic

We have been helping back pain and neck pain sufferers through Chiropractic care since 2003. Our modern clinic is ideally located to serve the Greater London and Essex regions. As well as Chiropractic care we offer health enhancing treatments & advice through our in-house Wellness Centre. Our core values lie in helping others to achieve optimum health through the highest and most attentive levels of care possible.

Over the years we have seen and treated many conditions through Chiropractic care amongst which back pain; neck pain; headaches; migraines; dizziness; lower back pain; upper back pain and whiplash are the most common. But Chiropractic is able to help with so much more- it can help with sciatica; carpal tunnel syndrome; pins and needles; numbness and even stress. Our Chiropractors provide help for active people with a sports injury such as tennis elbow; golfers elbow; foot or ankle pain; hip pain; shoulder or arm pain or general muscular problems. We also provide care for work-place related injuries such as bad posture, a bulging or herniated disc(commonly referred to as a ‘slipped disc’), or other spinal damage.

To find out how Chiropractic can help with such a wide range of conditions, click here. To find out a little more about the more common conditions from which you may be suffering, click here. Or, if you’d like to speak to someone at the clinic for more information, please find our contact details here.

Alternatively you can fill out our online health assessment and one of our team will contact you directly to discuss how we can help you back to full health.