iThink Workshops

The iThink workshop series is all about your mind and understanding how to take control of your health and life.  Mental health is often associated with disease and institutions, but in the near future you will learn that most sickness and disease actually manifests itself from the brain and nervous system.  That is why you need to keep your thoughts and mind healthy!  There are 12 different inspiring and thought provoking workshop titles in total.

  • The Fundamentals of Achieving Optimal Health – Discover the building blocks for living pain free and well, for life.
  • The 3 Causes of Disease
  • The Crucial Ingredients For Optimal Health – Learn what is necessary to understand what optimal health feels like.
  • The 3 Keys to Producing Health Miracles
  • Stress Workshop Part 1 – Understanding what stress really is. SYSTEM
  • Stress Workshop Part 2 – Learn about what stress does to your physiology.
  • Stress Workshop Part 3 – Best strategies for Ridding Yourself from Stress for good!
  • Learn What the 4 Major States The Brain Gets Itself Into & How to Prevent Them to Prevent Sickness & Disease.
  • Innate Intelligence Part 1 – Learn how the power that made you also repairs you!
  • Innate Intelligence Part 2 – Learn how your body follows all laws of nature
  • How to make 2012 the healthiest year for you!
  • TOTAL LIFE CONDITIONING – To really know what to do with your health & life, this workshop will make it happen.