Written Testimonials

Over the past several years I have developed a weakness in my lower legs, this has affected standing and the way I walk. The effect makes me feel a little unstable and clumsy.
The treatment Nader has applied to my legs has increased the feeling and movement in my legs and feet; this has improved my walking and my posture!
I am half way through the treatments and expecting to see further improvements judging on what I’ve had so far.
I would also recommend this treatment to others with a similar problem.

I was suffering from severe neck pain and lower back pain which I needed to take pain relief for. However, I was feeling no relief from the pain and so my father-in-law recommended I have a consultation with Dr James in an attempt to seek an alternative method of relieving the pain. I started to feel the benefits of the treatment by my 4th session. I now have complete pain free movement of my neck and the pain in my lower back has significantly reduced.

When I first walked or should I day crawled into the Romford and Ilford Chiropractic Clinic I was unable to walk, sit or stand; now after 6 weeks of treatment I fell like a new person. I feel like I have my life back and that my whole outlook on life has been altered.
I have suffered from lower back pain for quite a while and being 27 years of age I decided that I needed to take action and I am glad to say that the minute I introduced Dr James into my life I knew he could help me fix myself.
The physical and metal change within me has been amazing, I am now back doing the things I love and most importantly I am pain free.
The help that not just Dr James has given me but from all his staff, when you are in so much pain just a smile from his staff was enough to make you forget the amount of pain you are in.
I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to visit Dr. James; In fact my mother is now a patient at the clinic too.
I will continue to visit Dr. James even when I am feeling good as to avoid feeling the way I did 6 weeks ago. I would urge anyone and everyone to do the same.

I have been dancing since I could walk and have just begun my professional training so that I can enter the world of the performing arts. The increase in dance training put pressure on my feet, which couldn’t cope so they began hurting, preventing me from dancing. I saw a number of physio before I found Payal but none of them were as hands on and efficient at discovering and treating the problem. I am now back dancing as much as & used to without any pain, I have a set of exercises to follow which have been shown to me by Payal and they work better than any of the others. I had previously been given by other physiotherapist. Everyone, in the practice is so friendly, they make recovering from an injury easy and relaxed.

The treatment went well, the hot and cold treatment worked as well as the laser treatment. At first my ankle still hurt, but after a while it got better.
P.S. Thank you Payal

I have been seeing Dr James for one month now and when I first came to the clinic I was very shy and didn’t know what would happen to me so Dr James was joking a lot with me so I didn’t feel like I was so scared, it helped me to relax and feel confident, I really enjoyed the testing from Mat and like the stickers Wendy gives me and the girls chat to me a lot, the muscle spasms have stopped in my legs since seeing Dr James and I like all my exercises I am given.

I’ve been coming here for just a week and I can feel the improvement of my flexibility already. I feel great now. All thanks to Dr James :-)
I came to the clinic after recommendation from a friend. I have been here for three weeks. When I first came I couldn’t walk 200 meters without a great deal of pain. I am now able to walk two miles with just a bit of pain and also I am sleeping a lot better, its fantastic!!
I have had a history of severe lower back pain over the last 6 years and have always gone to an osteopath when this problem occurred. I was under the impression that once you had back problems it would always be something that re-occurs every so often but after a friend recommended me to Dr. James Faulkner’s chiropractic clinic, I quickly discovered that this is not necessarily true.
After a thorough examination he was able to determine exactly what my problems were which were not just about my lower back but about the whole alignment of the spine. He set about correcting them by a series of adjustments and exercises, plus diet advice.
He assured me that over a period of time if I follow this simple regime I should not suffer anymore back problems.
Thank you to everyone at the clinic for everything you have done and continue to do.

Before I came to the clinic I was in so much pain, I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods of time, but my husband and I decided to try the Chiropractic clinic, the first treatment I had was wonderful and subsequent ones too, I have never felt better, I can play and carry my one year old baby for longer now.
I am really happy I found the clinic, they have made me a happier and far more energetic person.

Doctor James has been treating my painful Neck and spine and has helped me so much and I can feel the difference with his treatment.
Also the staff are always willing to help and give advice and I would like to thank all at Romford  &Ilford Chiropractic.

I have been coming to see Dr James since June.
I come in about neck and shoulder pain which had been a problem for me for years. I had tried Osteopathy with no luck and my mum, another patient of Dr James, recommended I tried here, it turned out I had lost the curve in my neck and lower back.
In the months since I started coming, I have felt so much better, my posture has improved and people have commented that I am looking much better than I did.
Thank you Dr James and everyone here!

A pleasure to be dealt with by such a charming delightful staff, thank you all!
So good to be without pain, i have been given back my mobility- My life!
Thank you too for the excellent, practical direction and advice, I wish I could carry all of it out, should be able to with the illustrations and written charts.
In all, so glad I came !
Age 90

I have been coming to see Dr James for just over four months.
I feel so much better now, I still have a little way to go but I can now reach my toes which I could not do before.
The staff are really friendly and helpful and I feel like I am really looked after!

Five weeks in and feeling better already!
Hoping for great things

I first came to see Dr James as my health had been getting worse.
I suffer from osteoarthritis in most of my joints. This meant that my movement was extremely painful and restricted when walking, I had to frequently stop because of the pain. I had also started to hire electric scooters to get around.
After two and a half months I have found that movement is a lot better and faster, my neck moves to both sides making driving easier.
Treatment is given in a calming atmosphere and all the staff are like best friends, a joy to meet!

“I have been coming to see Dr James for 14 months. I had severe lower back pain which was restricting movement and I was recommended to Dr James by my husband.
After a few appointments I noticed a big difference and I am now able to run around with my children, which was something I’ve not been able to do for a long time.
A big thanks to Dr James and his team.”

Thank you so much for making me feel better and pain free again!

I have been coming to the clinic for over a year now, Dr James and the team have put me back on the path to good health, I feel really well.
I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone, it changes your life.
Many Thanks.

I went to my GP after having pains in my upper left arm following a stiff neck and shoulder, I was given anti-inflammatory medication which had no effect, I then developed pins and needles in my index finger and thumb.
My GP diagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome and advised the option were steroid injections or an operation.
I decided to give Chiropractic a try and am so glad that I did, after just a couple of months the pins and needles have gone and the improvement in the neck was immediate.
I am willing to recommend Chiropractic to my family and friends.

I have been having adjustments for fifteen months now and feel I have such an improved and better life due to Dr James.
I can now really enjoy being able to walk and even dance without pain!
Thank you very much!

I  have been coming to the practice for about 2 and half years now, I have found that the service offered and instruction has strengthened my spine. I now find that I am much stronger from the adjustments and exercise.
The whole atmosphere is calm and very friendly and I recommend it.

I have been attending the clinic for 18 months now and I always feel relaxed and balanced after an adjustment.
My pain has gone and I rarely suffer due to my monthly appointment with Dr James!
Chiropractic comes highly recommended to anyone and everyone!

I have been coming to the clinic for over three years and have seen vast improvements in my health, strength and well being.
We are all so very fortunate to heal in such a warm, friendly and encouraging and supportive environment.
Many thanks to Dr James and the wonderful team.
I look forward to my visits.

First visited clinic 4 years ago with arm and neck pain , I feel very loyal to Dr James and would recommend anyone to him, he gave me back my life which I thank him very much for.

I have been attending the clinic for 5 years and now have much more movement in my neck and back and can even touch my toes which i could never do before!
Thought i would have to pack up doing lots of things but find i cans till do them with help of Dr. James.

I started coming to the clinic sixteen months ago with a very bad back pain, I could hardly walk at times and would crawl up the stairs, however now I can carry on with my life without pain and feel so much better thanks to Dr James

Janet:- Thank you, thank you, thank you, feeling good feeling fine, feeling like I’m twenty nine, now I  have movement.
John:- It is nice to meet people that care as much about your body as you do.

I’m very grateful to my friend Trice for bringing me along to the practice.
My shoulder and neck problem had given me restrictive movement and discomfort for some time Dr James and the team have improved this greatly and given me lots of advice on many aspects of exercise, diet and well being.

Hi Feeling much better, movement good and less pain.

When I first came to the clinic, I was suffering from sciatica and was only able to sleep for a couple of hours at a time, Now I can drive, do gardening and all normal tasks, pain- free thanks to the adjustments, so I have my life back again. Thank you to all the team.

When I first started coming here I had little movement in my back and had lost the curve in my spine have been coming for a year now and have better quality of life , more movement and generally feel better in myself .

When I first came to the clinic, I was in a lot of pain in my back and lower hip as well as my neck.
I did not think it would do any good to do chiropractic because of my obesity, and almost gave up on myself a few times.
Not only am I now almost pain free after seven months, but also I would say the biggest change is my attitude toward myself. When I started noticing my negative attitude toward myself, I was able to let it go. Thank you to Dr James, Don, Aimee and Wendy for providing such a positive atmosphere and example for me.I started coming to see Dr James September last year , after a very bad fall that left me unable to do anything including walking in 8 months Dr James has helped me come off of up to 25 painkillers a day and I’m back at work and very able to do far more than I ever was able to do before. Many thanks to Dr James and the Whole Team you have all been great.

I started coming to Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic mid-January with pain in my lower back and both legs, I have improved so much and I have no pain and have had a lot of information on general health. I’m very happy with the care I have received. Many thanks.

Dr James and the Team.
When I started coming in November 2009 I could not walk upstairs or anywhere without a lot of pain. I could not sit at a desk and had been out of work on medical leave since February 2009.
Now I am running exercising and moving without pain, and I have gone from three visits per week to one. I am so happy I found the help I needed. A big thank you to you all !!

I came to see Dr James nearly a year ago , I was in great pain and had come to the stage when I couldn’t sit or stand longer than fifteen minutes.
Dr James has done a miracle and put me back on my feet gradually. I learned to love my body and lead a healthier lifestyle. Every week I was improving more and more.
Thank you for such professional care from all the team.
I am so glad twelve months ago I walked in through this door, Thank you!!

When I first came to see Dr James not only was I in pain with my neck and back but mentally I was very low.
After a year of treatments I feel like a different person.
We are still working on my neck pain but it is so much better and I know it is down to me to improve it more.
Mentally I am much more positive and this is down to all the staff who make you feel very welcome and are easy to talk to, nothing is too much trouble.
Thank you Dr James and the staff!

Thank you Dr James and the team for all your help and support in my recovery, my whole family attends the clinic now and I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone!

I have been coming to the clinic for nearly a year now with terrible pain in my knee . I have now reached a stage where I am greatly improved and have avoided surgery. Thank you very much.

I have been coming to the clinic for three months because of a debilitating neck problem and general fatigue, which was having a negative effect upon my life. During these difficult three months I have found my time with Dr James and his team most helpful as well as informative and encouraging.
I believe the clinic has played a big part towards my approval health and fitness and this incentive to improve grows stronger every day.
Thank you all for your care and encouragement.

I come to the clinic with a shoulder and lower back problem, which has greatly improved since attending.
I thank you Dr James for all the help he has given me for over nearly a year now.
Also the team who have welcomed me and been very helpful on many occasions.

I came to this practice during a very stressful time in my life and was in a great deal of pain all of the time. Chiropractic has helped me not only with the pain, but also dealing with stress and overall health.

I have been coming to the clinic for 6 months and each time I have been given help and advice from Dr James, Aimee and Wendy. Thank you so much for helping me heal and for getting my back in shape.

Since I started coming for treatment, Dr James has done a wonderful job. I had problems with lower back pain, irregular periods and stress. The pain I had in my back has now gone and my cycle is back to normal. I would recommend it to anyone. I intend to continue my visits.

After three years of continuous back pain and with little support or correct advice from my GP, I decided to seek advice from a chiropractor. After visiting the clinic regularly for six months, I feel better than ever. The care and advice I have been given has provided me with an understanding of how to look after myself better and I feel the best I have in a long time.

Thank you Dr James and all the team at the clinic. You have helped me so much to progress with everything I have achieved after my road accident.

Having put up with debilitating lower back pain for a number of years, I started chiropractic care in May 2009. I am delighted to report that I have not felt so well for ages and I have lost weight as well. Dr James has helped me so much and the team is fantastic. I always leave with a spring in my step! My sincere thanks to you all.

I started seeing Dr James in November 2008 and since then, I have improved a lot. I am not in any pain anymore. After adjustments, I feel very good indeed. I had been suffering with pain in my back for about four years before coming to the clinic, and now I have much more movement and feel so much better. I have taken the advice given and recently attended a health talk which I really enjoyed.

I have been a patient for 17 months now and I haven’t had any hip pain for well over a year. I am much more flexible and generally more energetic and healthy. This is the best I have felt in years. Thank you Dr James.

I have been coming to Dr James since March 2009 and have had great improvement in my neck, shoulder and back. I feel welcomed by all members of staff who create a cheerful atmosphere.

I decided to visit a chiropractor after years of headaches and ill health as I was not having any luck with doctors. Gradually over a period of time I am improving and my health has been the best yet.

I have been coming to this clinic for over four years.  When I first came, I was unable to do any sport as advised by my GP due to a very weak back. Over time and with adjustments given by Dr James, together with regular exercise, I was able to train in Brazilian JiuJitsu and complete in world-class competitions. With further help and guidance, I have achieved two bronze medals at the World Championships, two silver and two bronze at the European Championships and a gold medal at the Pan American Championships.