30 days, 30 challenges

Apparently it takes 30 days to form a new habit, so here at R&I we’ve decided to share something which could give you some new, but wholly beneficial habits! The following is a list of 30 Challenges; the idea is to pick a manageable selection (say two to five) from the list and apply them […]

A ‘Dark Age’ of Infection

According to a sound bite from the Prime Minister we could all be heading back into the ‘Dark Ages’. This conjures up images in the mind of dark, dank castles, boiled cabbage for dinner and less than chivalrous Knights. But what David Cameron was actually referring to is potentially more serious: a shortage of new […]

Stop Slouching!


Next week is Spinal Awareness Week 2014, an initiative by the United Chiropractic Association to help educate us all about the importance of spinal health. This year the emphasis is on posture and educating us all on why we really should ‘stop slouching’.   We high-lighted the effects mobile devices have on our posture in […]

Drinking coffee halves risk of liver cancer

Drinking coffee every day reduces your chances of developing liver cancer. Three cups a day halve the risk of HCC, or hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of liver cancer. HCC is the third most lethal form of cancer, but your chances of developing it can be reduced when you drink coffee, new research suggests. […]