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Neck pain – stiffness and balance problems Ever feel as though you are losing your balance or stiff? We Love helping people get back on the right path!
Lower back pain, problems walking- ignored by GP! Just live with the pain? We don’t accept that answer here.
Hurt back, MRI revealed two discs had moved, offered operation but refused and turned to R&I for help… Refused Surgery. Looked for alternative treatment. Chiropractic offered a road to recovery.Treated by Dr James Faulkner, February 2014
Back pain kept at bay with monthly visit Treated by Dr James Faulkner, February 2014
An old injury no more Do you have an old injury that has stuck with you? Injuries from accidents can stick with you for many years… If you don’t take action, they can stick with you for the rest of your life. This patient saw positive results from a hang gliding accident many years ago.Treated by Dr James Faulkner, February 2014
Sciatica stopped me from working Sciatica put me out of work and now I am feeling so “back in my life”
Vertigo sufferer looking for non-drug based relief “I’m not easily impressed, But I was impressed”

These are just a few of our latest patient success stories, if you’d like to view more then please take a look at our YouTube channel here.

We’re proud to have done some amazing work and made a difference to the lives of the thousands of patients who have walked through our doors since 2003.

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